This will be a milestone year for Tri-State and its members. In 2016, approximately 27 percent of the energy Tri-State and its member systems will deliver to more than 1 million consumers will be generated from renewable resources, making the association one of the leading utilities in the country for using renewable power

Since its inception, Tri-State has used renewable energy through the federal hydropower system, and as costs for other renewable resources have decreased, Tri-State has added wind and solar energy to its portfolio. 

Our members are leading the way

Tri-State also supports its members’ development of local renewable energy and distributed energy resources, with incentives and technical support for the development of member-owned or sponsored projects. Collectively, these member projects (completed or under development) account for approximately 76 megawatts of renewable energy resources.


Our newest renewable resources

Wind Farm

87 turbines
150 MW of max daily output
73,000 avg. households supported

Twin Buttes II
Wind Farm

38 turbines
76 MW of max daily output
33,400 avg. households supported
Available 2017

San Isabel
Solar Project

100,000 solar panels
30 MW of max daily output
8,100 avg. households supported

Alta Luna
Solar Project

108,870 solar panels
25 MW of max daily output
8,600 avg. households supported